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Our Mission is to strengthen men's spirituality in the Archdiocese of Baltimore through evangelization and discipleship. This is done through two strategic initiatives. The first is the annual conference.  This is like the beacon on the hill, the shining light to attract men in the first place. It gives you an opportunity to invite friends and family to a positive Catholic experience For details on the coming conference click on the "Conference" tab on the menu line of this website.

Our second initiative is to help and encourage men to form small groups. Small groups are our bedrock, where we evangelize each other and work to increase our spirituality, our faith and our knowledge of Church teaching. We do not intend to tell men how they must run a meeting. There are many forms of men’s meeting. We will offer suggestions to help groups to get started and to grow. Go to the "Join" tab on the menu line on our website to learn more.

Part of our mission is to complement other organizations. Therefore we have members of the Holy Name Society and the Knights of Columbus on our Board. We welcome input and assistance from men of other organizations as well.

To provide materials to support these efforts and to keep the spirit of the conference going throughout the year we have added a resource from Lighthouse Catholic Media, CD of the Month Club. The a CD of the Month Club provides great talks via CDs or MP3 downloads.  You will stay plugged in with famous Catholic speakers as well the proceeds provide a small commission to help support the Catholic Men's Fellowship of Maryland.


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